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This is a list of lists to kinda share a roadmap for where my posts will likely be going.

# Decentralization Homelab

The idea that my main virtual host could die doesn't sit well with me. It's a 10+ year old Gateway afterall.... My family's data and my own are hosted there! After reading things like digital minimalism and antifragile resiliency, it's really made me think about how to make my setup resilient. Aside from my self hosted firewall, I really need to think about ways to make my setup disaster resilient with the only tool to build everything up again being my laptop. Or my offsite backup.

Other things involved with this include:

# Update Backup strategy

This is mostly to figure out what needs to be backed up again, and then figuring out nice ways to do it on all my endpoints (between myself and my family). I'll be going for the cheapest option, FOSS of course, and maybe a VPS? I've been eyeing Hetzner.