The cup of coffee

· seth's blog

Coffee is great. I have been working out weights and temperatures over the last couple years for my own cup in the morning, and nowadays I make a cup that I can't ask for anywhere else. This is a short, sweet and to the point guide on how to replicate that said cup (if I were ever to forget for some reason).





  1. Setup your mug on your scale, your V60 on your mug, and a paper filter in your V60. Have coffee grounds ready.
  2. First set your kettle or whatever you use to 93C
  3. Once water is up to spec, gently pour the water in a clockwise motion to wet it against the V60.
  4. Lift the V60, and toss out excess hot water from mug. Put the V60 back on.
  5. Zero out scale. Measure 28g of coffee in the V60.
  6. Pour your water in a gentle swirling motion, clockwise until the scale reads about 130g.
  7. Wait 30 seconds, and let it bloom
  8. Add more water in using the same gentle swirling motion.... up until the scale reads something like 360g-370g. Whatever you feel like that day.
  9. Let everything drain into your mug.
  10. Clean up your Hario, I usually toss the grounds with the filter and handwash the V60 before putting it back on my shelf.
  11. Empty a packet of Stevia into the mug, and add oat milk to test. Stir until color is desired.


Given my roast specifically, adding stevia and oat milk shows off the natural cinnamon and honey notes that the beans already had. This cup is big enough and is so strong, that I will usually only drink this one cup for my entire day. Your mileage may vary of course.

The "right" way ,some say, is to enjoy your coffee without added things to it. I think the Hario V60 excels at. I've found combining that method with the other ingredients works for me though. And hopefully you can use this as a reference to figure out what you like.